About Me

Hi, welcome to my blog!

I’m Caiti, I’ve been dancing for 11 years, and I compete in girls u18 in An Comisiun. I’ve competed at regional, national, and world level. My dream is to be cast in a traveling show and to one day run my own dance school.


I’ve danced at oireachtas 10 times, nationals once, and worlds twice. 

I’ve danced with three different schools (McClanahan, Drake, and now King O’Sullivan). 

This is me in my current dress:

My dad’s from Dublin. 

I love music (Arctic Monkeys, Ellie Goulding, The 1975…), I’m good at writing, I think I want to be a school psychologist. But my dream job is to be completely invested in a dance school.

This is a purely Irish Dance blog and I would say you can go look at my personal life on some other blog but unfortunately I’m too lazy to keep up with a personal. 

Plus Irish dancing sort of is my personal life.

I love to answer questions and make new friends!

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